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After three years in development we think we’ve created the perfect balance of education and entertainment. This is a multidisciplinary science show inspired by farting (based on Stef’s Fartology book) and packed with physics, chemistry and biology. It’s very, very funny but not rude - it's clean and educational (we use CBBC editorial guidelines). There’s absolutely no innuendo (you don't need innuendo when you're showing in detail how a sphincter works) but obviously we discuss bottoms, sphincters, colons and farts.

There are explosions, a massive whoopee cushion, a surprising amount of physics, laughter, the world's loudest fart machine, smells and at least one vast inflatable bottom. It's curriculum-driven and hits multiple learning objectives whilst ensuring the audience wets itself laughing.

LENGTH 30-60mins            PRESENTERS 1-4

EVENT SUITABILITY Universal. This has gone down a storm at high-end science festivals as well as pure entertainment events and schools because of the high educational value. We worried that some organisers would find the content too sensitive but we’ve been surprised at how many embrace it.

AUDIENCE PROFILE: Families – children from 5yrs.

Showguide description


The Most Outrageous Science Show in the World

BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates takes you on an unforgettable, explosive edible adventure exploring the bizarre science behind our food. This is a food show like no other: expect vortex cannons, explosions, glowing drinks, edible chemical reactions, colour-changing cocktails and loads of audience interaction in an hilarious and thoroughly educational show. Stefan is renowned for his world-class science and food shows.

5yrs+ and adults.

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The show comes in various forms and sizes depending on venue and budget (obviously we’ve used photos from our bigger events here). For arenas and large auditoriums we have huge props, inflatables, mini-motorbikes and huge explosions. For smaller venues we have smaller kit, less devastating explosions and more tasting opportunities!

Gastronaut Live shows mix solid education with unforgettable entertainment, and the team is always happy to stay for photos, autographs, chat and book signings.

For information and costs please contact: Jan Croxson at DML on 020 8846 0966 or email jan@dml-uk.com