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An amazing journey into the world of entomology and entomophagy (insects and insect-eating) as Stef reveals his Scary Food Box, explains why we should all eat bugs…and why you’re already an entomophagist without realising it. Expect live crickets, marshmallows, purple bug blood food, a few explosions, huge catapults, spectacular demonstrations and tasters of some delicious pests. And some very cool video footage from Stef’s BBC documentary on insect-eating, Don’t worry, we won’t be eating live bugs, nobody really does.

Did you know that most sausages, marshmallows and gummy sweets are coloured with bug blood, and that every digestive biscuit is packed with insect fragments? You do now.

LENGTH: 20-60mins      PRESENTERS: 1-2
AUDIENCE PROFILE:  Adults and kids – children from 5yrs+.

Showguide description

Extraordinary insects

There are loads of live insects (and cooked ones) to play with in this entomophagy show with BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates. You’ll discover what makes bugs so amazing, why they can jump so high, why you’ve been eating them all your life, and why eating more of them could save the planet. Stefan is renowned for his world-class science and food shows. 5yrs+

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The show comes in various forms and sizes depending on venue and budget (obviously we’ve used photos from our bigger events here). For arenas and large auditoriums we have huge props, inflatables, mini-motorbikes and huge explosions. For smaller venues we have smaller kit, less devastating explosions and more tasting opportunities!

Gastronaut Live shows mix solid education with unforgettable entertainment, and the team is always happy to stay for photos, autographs, chat and book signings.

For information and costs please contact: Jan Croxson at DML on 020 8846 0966 or email jan@dml-uk.com