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TV & Radio

Stef says: 'I love making TV. For some strange reason I’ve been allowed to make lots of TV shows about things I find fascinating, especially for the BBC. I’ve just finished my 19th TV series and about to head off on a wild trip to make the 20th, and I create lots of extraordinary films for my GastronautTV YouTube channe, too. I’ve made various single documentaries, won a stack of awards, and I crop up on all manner of other shows from Blue Peter to Newsnight. I like Newsnight, but for some reason you don’t get a badge for appearing on it. I was going to mention that to Kirsty Wark, but she’s a bit scary.' Here are a few of his TV series:

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E Numbers: An Edible Adventure

BBC2 3 x 60mins




‘Unmissable Television’ The Independent

Nominated for two Guild of Food Writers awards

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Cooking in the Danger Zone


BBC2 16 x 30mins

‘An antidote to the mundanity of the rest of culinary TV' (Mail on Sunday)

‘Deceptively sharp, very funny and gently inquisitive’ Guardian

Winner Best TV series Bologna Food on Film Festival, Nominated for Gourmand Food Broadcast award



Incredible Edibles




BBC1 & CBBC 13 x 30mins

The naughtiest food show in the world. Rockets, blood, guts, bangs, cars on cranes and lots of explosions, all using food.

.Nominated for  Broadcast Best Children’s Programme


Can Eating Insects Save the World?




BBC4 1 x 60mins

Will insects save the world? Will they change our lives? Will any of them actually taste any good?



Food Factory

BBC1 6 x 30mins

I tear apart supermarket food and put it back together again in my barn/workshop to discover how it all works.  Science, food and some serious mayhem.

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Food & Drink






Films about extraordinary food stories for the BBC food magazine show






BBC2 and BBC Learning

A beautiful series on the British harvest, in which I explore the science behind plants, growth, pollination, growth and selective breeding. 

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Disaster Chefs

CBBC 12 x 30mins

In Disaster Chefs I take parents who are terrible cooks and set them an almost-impossible challenge. HAH! UK’s highest rated children’s TV show during TX

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BBC1 & CBBC 12 x 30mins

How to play with your food.

Nominated for a Guild of Food Writers award





BBC Learning 4 x 15mins

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BBC2 & BBC4 3 x 60mins







‘Some ideas are so good, you wonder why no-one ever thought of them before. Example: Feasts.’ The London Paper

Nominated for Gourmand Food Broadcast award


Calf's Heads and Coffee: The Golden Age of English Food


BBC4 1 x 60mins

An amazing exploration of food from the Restoration era - the golden age of English food - and how it relates to the way we eat today

Winner of Guild of Food Writers award for work on British food, nominated for Fortnum and Mason Awards


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Full on Food

BBC2 8 x 30mins

A high-octane food magazine show





Food Uncut

UKTV FOOD 150 x 30mins

Daily food magazine show

Other series include The Secrets of Our Favourite Dishes, Ecomaths, and I’ve also appeared on programmes such as these:

Newsnight BBC2
Blue Peter BBC1
Food and Drink BBC2
12 Again CBBC
This Morning ITV
The Wright Stuff Channel 5
Iron Chef USA Food Network
Today Show NBC
BBC Breakfast BBC1
Alan Titchmarsh Show ITV
Newsround BBC1
Loose Ends Radio 4
Radio Scotland
Royal Institution Christmas Lectures Channel 5
You and Yours Radio 4
Radio 6 Music
Sky News
PM Radio 4
Hackers Howlers CBBC
Market Kitchen Good Food Channel
The Hour STV
BBC World News