Food Festivals



Stefan performs unforgettable cookery and food adventure demonstrations at dozens of food festivals across the UK including Jamie’s Big Feastival, BBC Good Food Show and the Ideal Home Show. 

These aren’t your average food demos. Every show is different, but generally-speaking organisers choose either a show aimed at adults, about extraordinary, interactive eating, or a food stunt show aimed at families and kids, with an explosive, spectacular slice of food science that reveals the amazing secrets of your food. Stefan sometimes runs hands-on workshops, too.

Shows for families

This is as close as food gets to rock n roll: energetic, funny, amazing and explosive. For fans of Stefan’s BBC2 and CBBC TV series, these shows combine brilliant cooking with mindblowing science such as creating plasma in a microwave, custard-powder flamethrowing, food bio-fuel rocket explosions, Aerial Golf using leafblowers and beach balls, and freezing cheese with a fire extinguisher. The audience gets to handle live locusts and eat edible insect tasters and join in with flatulence experiments, and explosions.

Shows for ADULTS

For fans of his BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4 shows and books Stefan makes easy, fun but unforgettable food such as Salmon hot-smoked in a Chocolate Tin, Sushi-rolling for beginners, Fluorescent Jellies, DIY butter, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Real Gold-covered Millionaire’s Shortbread, Vegetable instruments, Apple Juice caviar, Popping Candy desserts and, of course: How to Fry an Egg on a Piece of Paper

Past shows

Stefan has demonstrated and performed at hundreds of food festivals including:

BBC Good Food Show Birmingham and London
Jamie’s Big Feastival
Ideal Home Show
Cape Town Food Festival
Alex James’s Harvest
BBC Food Connections Bristol
Liverpool Food Festival
Cumbria Food Festival
Abergavenny Food Festival
The Restaurant Show
Experimental Food Society Spectacular
Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank
Harvest at Jimmy’s
Children’s Food Festival
BBC Live at the Quay, Glasgow
Loseley Park Food Festival