funding for schools shows

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The RI awards grants up to £500 towards stem activities

The Royal Institution’s STEM E&E grants are designed to help integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities into school practice and to support teachers’ professional development. Activities enrich or go beyond the curriculum and often use resources that are not readily available to schools. Activities can range from shows and talks to workshops and team-based challenges.

Teachers can apply for a STEM E&E grant of up to £500. They must select their activity from the STEM Directory. and there are six different Gastronaut shows listed there including BANG! The Science of Explosions, Supertasters, Fartology, The Utterly Revolting Science Show, Weirdology and Eat My Science: Gastronaut Extreme

Grants are awarded on a yearly or twice-yearly basis. Sign up to the Ri’s education newsletter to hear first when a scheme opens.

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