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Does exactly what it says on the tin! This new Gastronaut 2019/20 show premiered at Abu Dhabi Science Festival  where it was a huge success over 25 packed-out shows. It’s an all-out physics spectacular exploring pressure, combustion, sound waves and explosive chemical reactions, and stands out a mile in showguides, attracting huge audiences. The show features rockets, mini motorbikes, jelly-baby wave machines, catapults, toilet-roll waterfalls, big bangs and ridiculously big balloons. It will, quite literally, be a blast, and the show ends with a huge explosion (subject to audience profile).

A thoroughly curriculum-led show that’s noisy, funny and packed with stunts.

LENGTH: 30-60mins      PRESENTERS: 1-4
AUDIENCE PROFILE: Families – children from 5 upwards (though we’ve had younger!). Parents/carers are given lots of warning before the big final explosions. Scalable for most venues.

Showguide description


The Science of Explosions

A physics spectacular with BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates. This show is packed with explosions and explores combustion, pressure, sound, elasticity, energy storage, pressure and sound. Expect mini-motorbikes, massive balloons, fireballs and flamethrowing. Stefan is renowned for his world-class science and food shows. 5yrs+

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The show comes in various forms and sizes depending on venue and budget (obviously we’ve used photos from our bigger events here). For arenas and large auditoriums we have huge props, inflatables, mini-motorbikes and huge explosions. For smaller venues we have smaller kit, less devastating explosions and more tasting opportunities!

Gastronaut Live shows mix solid education with unforgettable entertainment, and the team is always happy to stay for photos, autographs, chat and book signings.

For information and costs please contact: Jan Croxson at DML on 020 8846 0966 or email